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Charity Works


Kindle Hopes



*     Executed in 2004:

    -     1 bridge with 36m long, 1.7m wide (concretization)

     -      10 wells (at 114m deep for clean water)

*    Executed in 2005:

  • A garment workshop has been established in Ca Mau on May 2005

          for poor or misfortune youths equipping:

                        -    17 industrial sewing machines + 3 individual machines

                        -    2 executive teachers

                        -    A training room for 20 students.



  • Food and finance supports for 3 orphanages in Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi

           Minh City

                                  Coordination with the local association.



§   Food support for orphan children in Binh Duong



§   Food support for leprosy patients in Da Lat



  • Food support for handicapped and orange toxic infected orphan children



§  Support for constructing a second bridge in Ca Mau

                  - 46m long, 1.5m wide connecting many remote villages with the town.

                  - Help convenient transportation for a 600-household village in which 200

                    children can go to school conveniently to avoid isolation.



  • Support for a water pipe and reservoir of raining water from mountains

          to many villages in Vinh. The project was completed on January 2005


     *    Executed in 2006:

  • Support for constructing a third bridge in Ca Mau



  • Support for constructing a forth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2007:

  • Support for constructing a school in Vinh

  • Support for constructing a fifth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2008:

  • Equipment of a school in Vinh


  • Support for constructing a sixth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2009:

  • Support for constructing a seventh bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2010:

  • Support for constructing an eighth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2011:

  • Support for constructing a ninth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2012:

  • Support for constructing a tenth bridge in Ca Mau


     *    Executed in 2013:

  • Support for constructing a eleventh bridge in Ca Mau


    • Coordinators: Catholic church in Ca Mau, Catholic church in Vinh, Buddhist organizations in Ho Chi Minh City and local associations. They have already given us many supports to obtain above achievements.


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